How to care for your Jewelry:

Store in boxes and pouches:

If you have lots of stone jewelry pieces, then you should be very careful. Stone jewelry should be kept in simple jewelry boxes. You can buy some cases that has proper cushioning and lined by satin or velvet. You can keep separate piece of jewelry to separate plastic pouch before putting them to cases. It provides extra protection to your delicate and precious jewelry pieces.

Some important cleaning tips:

Use soft cloth:

Sometimes you find little dust to your stone or diamond jewelry that needs to be cleaned. You should use soft piece of cloth that may be any lint free fabric or satin. You can use this soft cloth to clean the jewelry.

Homemade Cleaning Solution:

If you see stain on stone jewelry, you should use homemade cleaning solution. Sometimes you see your d jewelry have lost shine, in this case you should use ammonia based agent to clean it. You can soak your jewellery to ammonia based agent overnight. You can clean it with soft cloth or soft brush in the morning. Avoid scrubbing your jewelry harshly.

Professional Care:

Diamond or stone jewelry needs regular cleaning, so you should take your jewelry to a professional for cleaning at least once a year.