Professional Care

Professional Care

Stone jewelry can be a delicate piece that you have to keep safe. It requires a certain amount of care. You cannot expect from stone jewelry to keep shining forever on its own. A little carelessness may make your stone jewelry lose its shine. Here is the complete guide for you on how to take better care of your precious stone jewelry.

You should avoid your precious stone jewelry piece away from the sharp things:

If you keep your stone jewelry near any sharp jewelry piece or any metal box, it can scratch its surface and make it lose its shine.

You should avoid contact with water:

Before you go for a swim or a shower, you should take your stone jewellery off. Sometimes chlorine water may affect your stone jewelry adversely. 

Take them off while doing heavy exercise or household chores:

You may contact to cleaning agent while doing household chores that can reduce the shine of jewelry. Sweating also plays similar role as that of cleaning agent.